Penguins in the City!

Here’s a cute little postcard from Hungary! And fitting to post this one today as here in my town, it has snowed! It wasn’t a whole lot, but it was enough to paint the ground a pretty white. I don’t see any hatted penguins around here, though, so that might […]

Hidden from the Crowds!

I got this Official Postcrossing card from Germany as well! What’s shown here is Hiddensee Island, an island that’s located in the Baltic Sea. The Baltic Sea, by the way, is that body of water that sits between Sweden and countries like Germany, Poland, etc. So Hiddensee Island is just […]

Friends of the Rhine!

This is an Official Postcrossing card I received from Germany! This is a really cute, anthropomorphized depiction of the city of Düsseldorf, which is located in western Germany. We’re gonna run through these one by one, so be prepared for a long post! (That’s really me telling myself to be […]

Arctic Friends!

This adorable Official Postcrossing card comes from Russia! This was actually a lovely foldup card that was sent to me, complete with cute decorations and a fun puzzle to solve! This card is the epitome of wholesomeness – all it needs now is a bottle of Coca-Cola! 😛 Thank you […]

Steel Yourselves!

I got this Official Postcrossing postcard from Pennsylvania! For some reason, the name of that state seemed familiar (hehehe). Funnily enough, for as long as I’ve been a resident of Pennsylvania, I’ve never visited Pittsburgh! For those that might not know, Pennsylvania is on the eastern/northeastern side of the US. […]