Penguins in the City!

Here’s a cute little postcard from Hungary! And fitting to post this one today as here in my town, it has snowed! It wasn’t a whole lot, but it was enough to paint the ground a pretty white. I don’t see any hatted penguins around here, though, so that might […]

Arctic Friends!

This adorable Official Postcrossing card comes from Russia! This was actually a lovely foldup card that was sent to me, complete with cute decorations and a fun puzzle to solve! This card is the epitome of wholesomeness – all it needs now is a bottle of Coca-Cola! 😛 Thank you […]

A “Tail” of Four Monkeys!

This is an Official Postcrossing card from Oregon! This was from a visit to Costa Rica, a small country located in Central America. Featured are four members of Costa Rica’s faunal population! From left to right, top to bottom, we have the squirrel monkey, the howler monkey, the spider monkey, […]

Savin’ the Big Kitties!

This postcard reached me from Minnesota! I was given the opportunity to add another lovely feline to my collection of lovely feline cards! This tiger here is a resident of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary, located in Boyd, Texas (kinda close to Dallas in northeast Texas). This was a sanctuary […]

Simply Crabulous!

This Official Postcrossing card is from Germany! The sender, who wrote in their message to me that they love to color, took the time to color this crustaceous delight for me! When it takes me on average 7-15 minutes to choose, write and decorate a postcard for a recipient, this […]

Puppy Love from Mars!

This is an utterly adorable Official Postcrossing card I got from Germany! I’ve received a number of cards from Mars over the course of my Postcrossing “career”, but this card is from a different Mars! As can be seen by the mention of the Milky Way candy bar in the […]

Confessions of a Molt Collector!

Check out this Official Postcrossing card from… oh, Pennsylvania – my state! By the title that covers about a quarter of the card, plus the subjects that the title refers to that cover the rest, you can probably guess what we’re gonna talk about today. How many of you have […]