Hey Hot Stuff…

I got this Official Postcrossing card from Arizona! Anybody from my generation remember the days back in middle school where you’d walk into a clothing shop and see Happy Bunny printed on a bunch of the shirts? Maybe if/when you visited the boardwalk? (For some reason that’s the memory that […]

Howdy from Arizona!

A smiling cactus for you from the state of Arizona! I spent a very small portion of my life living in Arizona – only about a third of a year. And it was September through January, so I only experienced the western heat for a very short period. 10/10 would […]

Hotel Carvallo of Ecuador

This Official Postcrossing postcard was sent to me from Arizona! On my profile I state that I like receiving cards of seemingly random nature (I’m paraphrasing myself), and this card was sent in response to that! The sender wasn’t entirely sure how it even showed up in his collection – […]

arizona symbols

Got this Official Postcrossing postcard from Arizona! Here we have a bunch of the state symbols for this state. By number (and yes the numbers are VERY helpful here) we have: 1.) the state flower – the saguaro cactus bloom (interesting, I never considered that a state flower could be […]