“Lviv” for the Moment!

Here is a very recently-received Official Postcrossing card from Belarus! Depicted is a miniature version of the city of Lviv, which is found in Ukraine. Lviv is located in western Ukraine, within the oblast (administrative region) of the same name. Lviv has quite the past as it belonged to a […]

Gotta Love Them Jazz Cats!

I know Postcrossers be all about those Blue Cats! This Official Postcrossing card comes from Belarus! This one is titled “Jazz Cats” – which is perfect because “cats” is an anagram of “scat”, a type of vocal jazz accompaniment. The Blue Cats (yeah I’ll capitalize, it deserves it!) are one […]

“Autumn Web”

Here is a lovely Official Postcrossing card from Belarus! This is from a Belarusian series know as “Seasons. Belarus”. The name of this card is “Autumn Web”, by the artist Olga Novitskaya. This card, as well as a number of others, can be found on the site, which per […]

Planeta Belarus

This card over Official Postcrossing found its way to me from Belarus! Here you see a cityscape of Minsk, the capital. Over there sort of on the right side is the National Library of Belarus. Fun fact: the shape of the main part of the building is a rhombicuboctahedron – […]

it’s gooooood

This Official Postcrossing card reached me from Belarus! Who likes strawberries? This guy does! Nowadays when I make peanut butter sandwiches, I always add some strawberry jam (the organic kind, to offset the highly inorganic Skippy brand peanut butter), and it’s gooooood. Thanks a ton for the postcard, Hanna!