Got Your Nose!

I received this postcard from Belgium! Actually, it’s more like Belg-yum! ‘Cause we’re talkin’ about cuberdons today! Cuberdons are the conical candies you see here. At first I thought they were those plastic granules used in manufacturing. These look tasty so I’m glad that’s not the case! Cuberdons are Belgian […]

You’ve Got Mail!

This one is a meetup postcard from Belgium! Once again, an extraordinary work of art with this meetup card design – also love how it’s a maxicard-style one (is it still a maxicard if the stamp on the front is different from the picture, BTW?) This card also celebrates 15 […]

Nappin’ on the Tram!

Got this neat postcard from Belgium! This is from a photobook by Olivier Brouwers titled “BXL 360”; the photo itself is titled “In Tram 81, St. Gillis”. If anyone sleeps like this guy, feel free to call yourselves out in the comments below – we’re not here to verbalize our […]

The Tigers of South China!

We’ve got another tiger on deck from Belgium! We talked about the Bengal tiger previously; now, we shall learn about the South China tiger, or Panthera tigris amoyensis! Unlike the Indian and Siberian tigers, this species is much less common. South China tigers are found exactly where you might expect […]

Read Between the Lines!

Look at this cool self-designed Official Postcrossing postcard from Belgium! The sender faces the same woe that I do – hometown does not sell postcards (Whitehall doesn’t either – I have to use Allentown or Philadelphia). Borgloon is located in Limburg province, which is in the northeastern part of the […]