All Steamed Up!

Here’s a postcard from Scotland! Featured is the Waverley, the world’s last operating paddle steamer, traversing the waters of Millport Bay. I’ll talk a bit more about the Waverley later, but let’s first establish what Millport is! Millport is the only town located on the island of Great Cumbrae, which […]

Welcome to Boat Class!

This is a postcard that was sent from the Philippines! As some of you may know, this country contains literally thousands of islands. I’ve done posts on a few of them before – to include Borocay Island – so I only have about roughly 7,600-ish left to talk about. Easy […]

Hope You Don’t Get Seasick…

Check out this postcard from Canada! We’re broad aboard the hand-built sailing vessel “Infinity”, the star of the documentary “Sea Gypsies”. If you wanna see some daring traversals through unpredictable waters, ominous storms and freezing temperatures, this is something to pick up. In the latest 2017 expedition, a group of […]