Meowry Christmas!

With the holidays now very close to being underway, I’ve got some easy posts to make! (That’s MY Christmas gift :P) This is an EXTRAORDINARY handmade Christmas card that was sent to me from Italy! This sender has drawn a number of beautiful cards for me, including the Pokemon one […]

Gleaming Golden Eyes!

This is an Official Postcrossing card from China! A beautiful shot of a beautiful cat – snow white skin and gleaming golden eyes! Per the sender, the text on the side reads something like “love a cat all my life”. I admit I’m procrastinating slightly on posting the research-heavy cards […]

The Cat and the Yums!

Check out this lovely Official Postcrossing postcard from Russia! This is a painting postcard done by Russian artist Maria Pavlova. Maria is a contemporary artist whose painted works reflect still lifes, scenes in daily life, and many cats! She has quite a few works of art and has won a […]


I’m feeling a lazy day today… fortunately, I’ve got a few classically adorable cards in my repertoire (this one coming from Russia) to save the day! They speak volumes in their cuteness where I am feeling silent in fact-sharing. Thank you so much for sharing this card with me!

What’s That on my Nose?!

I always have time for posting the super adorable cards like this one. This bit of cuteness came to me from Germany! Perfect expression for having a bug on one’s nose. For some reason it reminds me of the Home Alone tarantula scene with Marv and his Oscar-winning scream. I […]