Czech republic

Flat “Baroque” in Kroměříž!

Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Czech Republic! This is a multiview of the town of Kroměříž, which is pronounced something like “krowm-YEAH-zheesh”, located in the Zlín region of eastern Czechia. This is a town that dates back to the early 1200s, and it’s known most for the UNESCO […]

Just Gimme a (O)sek!

Here’s an Official Postcrossing card from the Czech Republic! These buildings are part of Osek Monastery, found in the northwestern part of the country. This monastery was founded in the early 1100s by Cistercian monks, a group that was part of a Catholic order of monks that came over to […]

A Legit Road Map!

I haven’t gotten this type of postcard in a while! This one features a road map of the Czech Republic! Specifically, this is of Prague, the capital of the country. Since the Czech Republic is known as “the heart of Europe”, and Prague being the heart of the Czech Republic, […]

The City of Silver!

Looking through some of my slightly older received cards and I realize I had yet to share this one, from the Czech Republic! This is a postcard featuring a landmark in Kutná Hora, located in the Central Bohemian Region. If you saw my earlier post about Načeradec, this is in […]

Načeradec, the Unresearchable!

This Official Postcrossing postcard is from the Czech Republic! I might have said it before, but Poland and Czech Republic seem to lead the way with old, historic towns. This one is called Načeradec. Načeradec is located in the Central Bohemian Region of the country, putting the town right in […]


Here’s a really interesting puzzle postcard from the Czech Republic! So based on my top-notch inferences that are always correct (side note: they’re not), I believe the object of this puzzle is to place the pictures at the top in the spaces below, kind of like you would do in […]

Jaguars & Leopards!

“Czech” out this beautiful Official Postcrossing card that reached me from the Czech Republic! What you see here is one of the big cats of the wild… and I regret to say, I’m unsure if it’s a leopard or a jaguar! So something I wanted to talk about is the […]

The less touristic lifestyle

Got this postcard from the Czech Republic! Here you see the town of Chotěboř, located in Vysočina Region (right in the middle of the country). Regions in the Czech Republic are akin to provinces elsewhere – they are the administrative units of the country. This is a pretty small town, […]