My “Type” of Postcard!

Lemme get some pizzaaaaa! This postcard is from Spain! This is part of a typographic postcard series created by Harald Geisler, a typographer based in Frankfurt, Germany. This series bears the theme of using keys of a keyboard to convey a design, as inspired from another work of his: the […]

Pucker Up!

This handmade card came to me from the lovely parcel I mentioned about a week ago from Italy! This cookie is known as baci di dama, or “lady’s kisses”, a name given from its resemblance to kissing lips. And lemme tell ya, that’d be one sweet kiss as these cookies […]

Brownie Points for This One!

I got this handmade postcard from Canada! This sender has sent me TONS of cards over the past year, and we’re at the point now where I can be comfortably boasted to about the sweet, delicious brownies that I will not get to have (okay “boasted” is me embellishing…) I’d […]

A Bigenerational Meal!

Here is an Official Postcrossing card from Japan! This card is a very cute and subtly sad depiction of oyakodon, a Japanese rice bowl dish which includes chicken and egg and is usually topped with scallions. It’s known as a “parent-and-child donburi” (donburi = bowl), and you’ve probably already figured […]

The “Taco” the Town!

Now this card is something to “taco” ‘bout! I received this among a number of other amazing gifts from my dear friend in Finland! These were sent as a Christmas gift to me and they absolutely made my <insert unit of time that’s really, really big>! The words that accompanied […]

“Heyyyy, Macaron-a!”

Check out this hand-made card from Finland! Many of you are familiar with this dessert. It’s sweet. It’s cute. It’s colorful. It’s the macaron! Macarons are confections consisting of two almond cookies with a sort of filling in between (which can be buttercream, jam, etc.), forming a sandwich of sugary […]

Drown Me in Dat Syrupy Luv!

Drowned in love from Vermont! There is not much in this world more satisfying than watching a syrup waterfall engulf a 5×5 waffle topped with a generous prism of butter. And how about how those square indentations encase the syrup like little buckets of heaven? Fun fact: while these pockets […]