A Drop on the Lens!

I received this postcard from Germany as well! This is a card created by the sender, made from a photo taken of the Baltic Sea (that’s the body of water that sits between Sweden and Estonia/Latvia/Lithuania – or what I like to call, the “ELL”). I’ve never seen this kind […]

A Concert in the Forest <3

Today I bring you a work of unending charm from Italy! Gosh, I feel like this has been Artist Alley Week or something… too many talented senders! (Definitely not a bad problem to have!) This infinitely adorable postcard was to sent to me for my birthday (excuse me – my […]

Testing Positive for Positivity

This handmade postcard came to me from Canada! This was made using the side of a Kleenex box and a medical flier (which honestly goes pretty well together), and sprinkled with some cute Easter stickers. Besides the fact that I just love the resourcefulness of this sender, I have to […]

Buon Natale!

This lovely handmade postcard is from Italy! By now, I feel this style has garnered enough spotlight to hold a very high reputation on this page! Antonella is back with another creative work, featuring some of the joys of Christmas! Hey, my little Christmas tree is still up, so that […]

The Worst Job…

This amazing handmade card hails from Canada, and boy is this a good one XD The use of a brownies box piece is very much intentional, too (I’m sure) XD Enjoy the laughs, my friends! (And to the sender, thank you soooo much for all the awesome cards you’ve sent […]

Birthday Greetings By Beak!

WOW look at this amazing handmade postcard from Finland! This was a birthday card sent to me – I knew because of two factors: 1.) it says “happy birthday” on it, and 2.) it has my name on it! Quite the detective I am, no? Anyway… how creative is THIS?! […]

A Self-Proclaimed Pastavore…

One more handmade card from the lovely Italy parcel! When store-brand pasta isn’t available, I always turn to Barilla. Why? Let’s be honest, it’s the next cheapest… but it now serves as a point of relatability to this card! And better yet, this one is in its native language! Hardly […]

Pucker Up!

This handmade card came to me from the lovely parcel I mentioned about a week ago from Italy! This cookie is known as baci di dama, or “lady’s kisses”, a name given from its resemblance to kissing lips. And lemme tell ya, that’d be one sweet kiss as these cookies […]