67 Easter Bunnies in Finland!

Hello hello everyone! Hope you’re all doing phenomenally these days. Just felt like starting a post with a greeting, I realize I don’t normally do that. Anyway, here is a lovely meetup postcard from Finland! This is a virtual meetup card celebrating Easter and held on the first of April. […]

Buon Natale!

This lovely handmade postcard is from Italy! By now, I feel this style has garnered enough spotlight to hold a very high reputation on this page! Antonella is back with another creative work, featuring some of the joys of Christmas! Hey, my little Christmas tree is still up, so that […]

Happy Easter from a Virtual Meetup!

Check out this awesome meetup card from Finland! Yes, apparently Postcrossing meetups are still happening! But fret not – this one is my first postcard from a virtual meetup! I’m more than intrigued by the notion of a virtual meetup, and very curious how it happens! This one reads “Happy […]

Time for Those Resolutions!

Well, tomorrow marks the turn of the decade, folks! (At least in this timezone!) I’m sharing an Official Postcrossing card from Russia painted by Russian painter Elizaveta Boehm, and this one here is simply titled “Happy Near Year!” I was trying my best to figure out the name of this […]