Etched into UNESCO’s Hearts!

Here is the other postcard that was sent to me as part of the birthday parcel from Italy! Today we’re looking at Val Camonica, a valley located in the Lombardy plain (which is found in northern Italy). This valley is predominantly known for the rock carvings contained within its 90 […]

A Concert in the Forest <3

Today I bring you a work of unending charm from Italy! Gosh, I feel like this has been Artist Alley Week or something… too many talented senders! (Definitely not a bad problem to have!) This infinitely adorable postcard was to sent to me for my birthday (excuse me – my […]

Buon Natale!

This lovely handmade postcard is from Italy! By now, I feel this style has garnered enough spotlight to hold a very high reputation on this page! Antonella is back with another creative work, featuring some of the joys of Christmas! Hey, my little Christmas tree is still up, so that […]

This Broomstick Ain’t for Sweepin’!

Here is another postcard from Italy, sent from the same sender as my last post! Today, we’re featuring Sappada, a village located in the Dolomite Mountains (northern Italy, even further north than Burano – it’s near where the Italian-Austrian border lies). Given its spot in the mountains, it’s a great […]

A Self-Proclaimed Pastavore…

One more handmade card from the lovely Italy parcel! When store-brand pasta isn’t available, I always turn to Barilla. Why? Let’s be honest, it’s the next cheapest… but it now serves as a point of relatability to this card! And better yet, this one is in its native language! Hardly […]

Pucker Up!

This handmade card came to me from the lovely parcel I mentioned about a week ago from Italy! This cookie is known as baci di dama, or “lady’s kisses”, a name given from its resemblance to kissing lips. And lemme tell ya, that’d be one sweet kiss as these cookies […]

Live Your Life In Full Color!

This AMAZING work of art reached me as part of a parcel from Italy! This sender has sent me numerous handmade cards and they are always, always, always bringing they’re A-game when it comes to style and beauty. And what a fantastic reminder this is – these times that we […]