When You Notice She’s Got a Gun…

I got this Official Postcrossing card from Wisconsin! At first I thought this was a standard painting card and anticipated trying to find the original painter. Turns out it’s actually from a set of cards featuring pulp magazine covers! Pulp magazines are fiction magazines that were printed on cheap pulp […]

Go, Kitty, Go!

This Official Postcrossing postcard is from Wisconsin! This features a painting by Michael Sowa, a German painter and illustrator born in 1945. Sowa is known for his surreal, kind of cartoon-like style, and has done works for things like books, magazine covers, and musical album covers. For some reason the […]

A Door to Amazing Cuisine!

Behold this cool recipe card from Wisconsin! Wisconsin is a state in the US located in the northern part of the country, a few states west and maybe one state up from my own. Door County is a county of WI located in the northeast part of the state, serving […]